Pale Ale Jun 20

Pale Ale on counter

This beer is good. Very solid.

It isn’t a pale ale. Not because of the color-although it is a little dark for a pale, but it’s not deep enough for an amber, either.

Because I get a lot of malt, and can’t pick up a lick of hops.

With Citra hops, I was expecting to get some citrus flavors, especially in the aromas. That’s why I saved those for 5 minutes left in the boil.

Comets tend to push grapefruit, so I thought they’d be a fine compliment, but with their high Alpha percentage (9%+) I figured they’d do well as as bittering agent, hence using the majority of those early in the boil.

But did not work out like that. The malts have mostly taken over the beer. There is some finishing, grapefruit leaning bitterness on the finish, that I start to pick up halfway in and the effervescence at the end is very good at clearing my palate.

So it’s good. But it isn’t what I was shooting for.

Brew date : 7/26/20S

Steeping grains
6lb Gambrinus pale
1 lb Mecca Opal (40L)
1 lb Great Western high color pale

Fermentables: 3 lb Extra light malt extract

1.5 oz Comet, .5 oz Citra @60
1.5 oz Citra, .5 oz Comet @5

Yeast: Imperial Tartan

OG: 1.062

FG: 1.01

Bottled 8/2

ABV: 7%

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