Front Porch Chats #28\Second Pint STV

Gigantic Sodbuster 7 pale ale

Dear America:

I’ve asked you over in part to share this Sodbuster 7 from Gigantic, their fresh hop offering. It is delightful and you should try it: grassy and not too pungent, it’s got enough sweetness in the middle to allow for the hoppy finish and is what I really want in a fresh hop ale.

It really hits the highs of the style for me, and I’m glad I get to share some.

But I’m also asking you to get involved, and get involved now.

Over 41% of people didn’t participate in the 2016 election, and now we’re living under President Darwin Award and his gang of thieves, with over 200,000 people dead, many of whom are among the most vulnerable, and a collapsing country that didn’t have to be like this at all.

At some point we stopped striding for what we could be, and settled for what things we could get. We let other people steer and were somehow just accepting of what little new shiny we got. I admit, I am guilty as anyone of this. I have a shiny device I can use to sit on my front porch and send out essays to the world-that is not nothing.

But it isn’t justice for Breonna Taylor, either. To note just another way that this country has failed us, because so many decided not to get involved.

I know that you’re hoping to get back to ‘normal’, especially white people.

But there is no normal. Normal is a nostalgic lie that they’re going to try and sell you, in order to accept either what is, or the barest minimum of what could be. It’s already worked on some people, wishing to establish a USA that they think existed in the 1950s.

That it didn’t exist isn’t the point: the point is that there are powers that be that want you to settle for a time when you settled. It could be the era of your childhood, it could be the story passed from your parents’ childhood. Whenever you stopped demanding a better world you thought should exist, but just didn’t yet.

The only way to get what we deserve-and we deserve better-is for you to get involved. The way out us through. The way ahead is forward.

There’s a census on, legally extended until the end of the month. That’s a place to start.

I’d recommend voting, too-planning on how you’re going to vote, and if you aren’t registered, doing so immediately. In Oregon, you have until the 13th, but in other states of the Union, that day is today. I’m not going to say that this is our last chance to make a better world, but it might be our best one, or at least the one where we don’t have to fight entrenched fascism off first, and then tackle the other problems.

Because counting on your apathy has been working for too long and I, for one, would like to see what happens when we start insisting that our gov’t does it’s goddamn job, and is held to task because we are involved.

Today’s second pint goes to Spread the Vote.

June Cream Ale

June cream aleSo, the nose on this is sweet-malt sweet though it lacks that element of graininess-basically, this ale falls a bit more towards a maple syrup sweetness (not as sweet, but like that) rather than bread.

That isn’t bad, but I’ll confess, it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. I very much like the bready qualities of the kolschs I’ve had, and I was hoping that the use of vienna and biscuit malts would bring that flavor a bit more forward.

That doesn’t quite seem  to be the case. It isn’t a bad beer though: it’s very light and bubbly, so it is easy to drink and sweeps itself off my palate like a good houseguest.

Do I wish it had a slightly different flavor profile? I do. Am I unsatisfied with how it tastes? I am not. It’s good.

Brew date: Jul 12
Steeping grains
1 lb Biscuit

3 lb Wyeyermann Pils malt
4 lb Weyermann Vienna malt

Fermentables: 3 lb ExLME|

1.5 oz Mt Hood, .5 oz German Blanc @ 60

Yeast: Imperial House (3rd use)

OG: 1.059

FG: 1.009

Bottled 7/18

ABV: 6.8%