Front Porch Chats #31/Second Pint EFF

Dear America,

Von Ebert's Volatile Substance IPA outside on table

I’ve cracked open a Volatile Substance from Von Ebert today, for this last chat.

It’s a damn fine beer; piney and a little resin going on, good punch on the finishing bitterness-not too hard but great for nachos.

So, a good beer for a hard ask.

Because we’re gonna have to be brave.

That’s a difficult ask because I myself am not very brave. But I believe you cannot ask someone to something you are unwilling to do. I asked for people to find ways to get involved, to be wise, and to be kind. I am doing these things as best I can. And since I believe we’re in this together, then I’m having to be brave.

Bravery is hard. Those people spitting hate in our faces, the death cult, they represent and occasionally take scary actions. Some of them have killed people.

Bravery can come in many forms though. Protecting each other, kindness extended, supports large and small. It will not be without cost; there’s no point in lying about it. But “the cost of liberty is less than the price of oppression.” (W.E.B. DuBois)

Perhaps we cannot be brave for ourselves. But maybe we can be brave for others: for those men and women scared of this presidency and what it represents. The last four years have explicitly justified their fears. Fascism isn’t subtle, folks.

I was talking to a friend a few days ago, and I told him that I realized that this was my life now. Every day now, for the rest of my life, I am going to have to fight for a better world. And there was this…sage moment where he agreed with me and we both accepted: this choice is still better than the alternative.

We’re nearly there. Let us repudiate what this presidency represents, today and every day.

I believe in us. No matter what happens. But let’s make it easier instead of harder.

Today’s second pint goes to the EFF.

2 thoughts on “Front Porch Chats #31/Second Pint EFF”

  1. When you say “this last chat,” you don’t mean you are ending the blog? Sad for us if so. Thanks for the great writing and for walking the walk.

    1. No no, just the last one with this particular theme from the last 4 weeks. There’s still new content coming.

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