Front Porch CHats #30/Second Pint ACLU

Sunriver’s feistbeir the Holy Schmidt! lager is joining us today, America and I think it’s time we had a chat about each other.

Sunriver Brewing Holy Schmidt! fest lager

These last two weeks are going to be some of the most challenging. So let’s get ready.

Living in Portland with all it’s pretty great beer (the Sunriver has a nice spicy quality in the nose and a drier finish, but there’s also something sour there. Like the macro beers I dislike. Hotter day? Colder beer? I dunno. Maybe it’s just more lager-like than I’d prefer, especially from a feist beer, which I associate with malty goodness), reasonably progressive politics, and an easily visible mountain, there’s one thing that’s been consistent since I moved here.

Disdain for people from California. As though those people were to blame for Portland’s rising rents and suppressed wages.

Come to think of it, that’s been a thread living in the PWN: disdain for Southerners. “Racist”, “Inbred”, “Idiots” just being a few of the common pejoratives I have come across. I’m thinking specifically, at the moment, of how many Americans talk about states like Kentucky.

As if Kentucky was the key problem, and not Mitch McConnell.

As if I couldn’t throw a rock in Portland (or Spokane) and not hit a racist, ignorant asshole.

“Flyover states” said as if there weren’t anyone there worth listening to. And don’t think I don’t know how people look at Northerners or PWN people.

So America, I’m asking you to be kind. The people of the Southern states have been subject to a lot of shit. Last I checked, they were enduring the worst poverty in the nation, overall. The middle of the country is wracked with an opioid epidemic that it seems like a lot of coastal states can’t give the time of day to.

And men in rural areas are twice as likely to die by suicide.

Look; we’re either all in this together or we aren’t. I’m not saying that we should put up with racists, death cultists, bigots or in a unique combination, Amy Covid Barrett. Standing up to those people is kindness to others, too.

What I am saying is: we have to help each other out. The people of Mississippi deserve the same access to healthcare, education and safety as anyone in New York. The people of California are as worthy of affordable hoisting as anyone in Ohio.

When I vote, I don’t just vote for me: I vote for people who are asking me to help them. When I give money, or a bit of my time, or ask for your attention to the struggles of poor people, discriminated people, I am asking for your kindness, because I’m in a position to give it. Maybe you are too.

The farmhand has more in common with the tech worker than either of them has with Lindsey Graham or Bill Gates. It would serve us well to remember that, and be kind, because no matter what happens in November, there are going to be people who need our support, in order to help build a future worth having.

And it’ll be a lot easier, if we’re kind.

Today’s second pint goes to the ACLU.

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