Front Porch Chats #29\SEcond Pint NOA

Wolf Tree's Anchor's Down amber ale

Dear America,

Sorry about the casual pour on this Wolf Tree Anchor’s Down amber ale. Bit too much head on this one. My fault.

It’s not bad though; a hint of chocolate, which is good because this beer is pushing the roasted character hard, but it’s also got a thin mouthfeel. In the hotter parts of America you’re probably loving this, but if you’re under clouds, like I am, it’s a little less exciting. The finish is a bit weird, too, with an herbaceous flavor. It throws the beer off.

But that’s not why we’re here.

We’re here because I need you to be wise.

I thought a lot about which word to pick-smart, clever, savvy, cunning…but wise is the best choice, because it reflects knowledge earned through experience- frequently difficult experience. If nothing, else, the last four years have been incredibly difficult for many, and for no legitimate reason.

I need you to be wise enough to recognize that when someone tells you it’s not worth voting, but doesn’t have a plan of action for how they are making their community better, that voice is one of despair and should not be absorbed.

I am asking you to be wise enough to recognize when con artists are trying to convince you that your fears are the only thing that are true. That’s not an easy one. People don’t like to admit they’ve been fooled. That’s where the wisdom comes in, though.

I need you to be wise enough to see that if people in power take away the rights of women, or Black or Brown people, or strip away LGBTQ+ rights, yours are next. Their rights are a confirmation that yours exist, and if those people do not have rights: you do not have rights.

Which means we need to take a stand for those rights and those people. They need us and our wisdom tells us, we need them.

Let’s be wise enough to recognize that we only have so much energy. That as happy as it might make us to see Mitch McConnell lose his job, the reality is he probably won’t. That’s why he has the job he does. But there are races in SC, AZ, MS, and AK, to name a few, where there are legitimate opportunities to shift the tide.

McConnell being powerless is almost as good as him not having a job at all, if you see where I’m going.

Finally, I need you to be wise enough to know that this is just the start. That we have work ahead of us, and it’ll be a hell of a lot easier if we we don’t have to destroy consolidated fascism first, so choose accordingly.

The rain is coming on, so I’m going to head inside; let’s be careful out there.

Today’s second pint is going to the Native Organizer’s Alliance to get out the Indigenous peoples’ vote.

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