Front Porch Chats #26\SEcond Pint WFF

Ecliptic's Altair fresh hop pale ale

Ecliptic’s Altair fresh hop ale supports my theory that these beers are incredibly fragile. There’s a soft aroma of grass but it’s quickly swept away by the outside breeze. I feel lucky to have caught the scent that I did! Also, the finishing bitterness is so intense, I would take a guess that they used regular dried hops for the bittering and fresh hops in the last part of the boil for scent.

On the upside, there is a nice middle to separate things, so it isn’t just a straight hop bomb, with a finish of an oh so slight lime quality. It’s good, though I don’t know that it’s great.

Yesterday, eight days after the wildfires covered Portland’s skies, I saw blue in the air. A sign that things were getting better, rain had come and was hopefully bringing relief to the fires in the Pacific Northwest. Sure, it smelled like wet ashtray but you could actually stand outside and breathe it, if you were hale enough.

And then Justice Ginsberg died.

I was asked by my friend at the comic shop how I was doing, and all I could say was, “Everyone I know is sad. So I am also sad.” She nodded and I could tell the subject was upsetting to her…and I am unable to give her a hug, because the death cult has decided to make the rules.

Something is deeply wrong, when the hopes of millions of Americans to maintain their dignity rest on the shoulders of one 87 year old woman, fighting off cancer for a fifth time.

Similarly, something is deeply wrong when the rights of millions of Americans are about to be summarily denied by 52 people, who represent merely over 40% of the country and 100% of the death cult.

Justice Ginsberg did all that was asked of her and more. She is a hero and, I hope someday, a legend in our history.

But the defense of our rights do not depend on her. They depend on us. And we need to depend on each other.

We are about to see how ossified America has become. We’ve been selling ourselves the story of being able to remake yourself here, can become anything you want. We’re going to find out how true that is for America itself, when those who have a vision of America truly clash with those who don’t.

Today’s second pint goes to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. But lord knows, there are a lot of people who need help right now.

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