Common Ales: Level-Ready Player One

Level beer Ready Player one dry hopped saisonThe Ready Player One is a  dry hopped saison. The nose definitely  has the hops, since I can get that floral element. But, the saison qualities are pretty much subsumed by said hops.
The mouthfeel has a wheat ale quality, so it’s a bit denser, but the peppery note that I expect from saison is overrode by the hop bitterness.
It isn’t a bad beer, at all that. What we have here is a Labeling Problem.
The beer says a thing and sets expectations. Those expectations do not get met, so I have a problem.
The size of the problem depends on the quality of the beer. Now, this beer is still tasty and drinkable. Are the hops too much for the style? I think so. Is it bad? Not at all. I’m happy to have another, but with expectations realigned.

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