Front Porch Chats #23\Second Pint Alzheimer’s Assn.

Gigantic/Aslan brewing Colossal Panthra IPA

The Colossal Panthra IPA from Gigantic (a collab with Aslan brewing) smells like citrus and peaches. The peaches are a genuine surprise and the flavor profile tilts pretty hard towards a hazy iPA. It’s a bit on the sweet side and while that isn’t my favorite thing, this beer is pretty drinkable.

I’m still out here on my porch, even though most of the pubs have opened in one capacity or another. It only seems reasonable given the state of the country; going out feels bad, mostly because I’d be subjecting someone to a risk they shouldn’t have to take.

Which brings me to who’s responsible for this mess…and Beau’s video about the Democratic platform turning off 2A swing voters.

I always mocked single issue voters. Abortion. Guns. Homosexuals. These things seem like incredibly stupid issues to make or break a candidate, especially since the choice is between fascism and not-fascism.


Oh. I see.

So, this is the part where I realize that everyone is a single issue voter-that’s pretty much how we make any kind of decision, right? one reason. ANY reason. But one is all it takes. It gets a little harder to begrudge people their issue, when I realize that. I can criticize their perspective but that’s a different animal.

I won’t lie to you: Biden doesn’t thrill me. Harris was a savvy VP pick but I can’t say I’m excited about her, either. I’m very, very weary of 20th century politicians going up against 21st century problems.

On the other hand, when people who have studied fascism, like historians and teachers, lived under authoritarian regimes, like immigrants, or witnessed dysfunctional countries, like reporters all say: “this is what the onset of fascism looks like”, well, the other issues I have (environment, fiscal justice, marginalized people’s rights, etc) they all take a back burner.

It’s fascism or democracy. That’s my one issue. I promise to work on everything else too, but right now this is the make or break.

Today’s second pint goes to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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