Front Porch Chats #22/Second Pint DRBL

Grixen ESBGrixen’s ESB is a subtle beer; the roasted qualities are so rounded they might be chocolate. There is also a sweetness here but the finish is pretty intensely bubbly. It really polishes off the flavors.

I’d say you should try it, if the brewery hadn’t closed yesterday.

This fuckin’ year.

Bad things happen every year and no one is safe from the caprices of fate.

What is supposed to make the human experience different is that we don’t have to let the bad stuff pin us to the board forever. We have that capability-every kid who goes down in a mosh pit and is hoisted up by strangers knows that they do not have to be subject to being trampled.

And every stranger in a mosh pit knows; you pick up ANYONE who goes down. Doesn’t matter why they go down. Maybe they were an asshole and they got knocked down: it doesn’t matter. Nobody deserves to be trampled.

This fuckin’ year.

More than any year in my lifetime, I can see what happens when people just decide that someone isn’t worth picking up. That there is an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ and the ‘them’ doesn’t even get to be categorized as human.

I witness what happens when someone who should never be given power is allowed unaccountable access to that.

I mean…nobody was going to make it out alive, but that doesn’t excuse the wanton suffering.

Fun time; am I talking about the cops, or am I talking about the Republicans?

It is a strange thing, to try and be a good person and yet also know you have to fight.

But if good people do not fight, who is left?

Today’s second pint goes to Disaster Relief Beirut Lebanon


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