Common Ales: Rosenstadt Lager

RosenstadLager is one of the more challenging styles for me to appreciate and this…honestly isn’t helping.

It’s weird, because Rosenstadt usually kills it on German styles, but the nose hits me sour, like water gone off, and the finish is the same. I am looking for a beer that is supposed to be exceptionally crisp, to give me some kind of hop notes-spice or floral-but nothing. It’s not even interestingly bready or malty, either.

This lager reminds me of the cheap stuff my Dad got in the 70’s.

So I try a second beer and I get a fresh glass, just in case.

This beer comes across a lot more neutral, for all but the last 2% of the beer. There isn’t any nose, and the middle has more texture than flavor-I can tell, at least, that I am drinking a beer and not just water lite.

But that finish…while the tip of my tongue has a effervescent sparkle feel, there’s still that sour flavor, high up on my cheeks, between my gums. I don’t like it. I don’t hate it, but I can’t be excited, either.

I feel like I could just as easily paid ABInBev and gotten a better beer. Or, Chuckanut and kept my money somewhat local.

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