Front Porch Chats #17\Second Pint ACLU

Chuckanut Vienna lagerThis Chuckanut Vienna lager has a banana flavored finish, Breonna Taylor’s killers are still free men, and yesterday I saw footage of a man being kidnapped by unidentified police officers off the streets of Portland.

Fuck everything about this.

Seriously, what else is there to say: nothing in the first sentence of this essay is good, and the last two things are crimes.

Worse, I know that there are ‘Americans’ who saw that footage and shrugged their shoulders, thinking ‘they shouldn’t’ve been around the area’ or some such nonsense excuse.

Who haven’t even bothered to read the story about Breonna Taylor’s murder-since I’m not a journalist, I can just call it what it is: Murder,-and don’t think any correction is needed.

I know that just enough white people in this country are perfectly fine with what has happened.

It’s pernicious, this knowledge, because it means that I do not want to trust the citizens of my own country.

Fuck everything about this.

It’s difficult to write anything else, to DO anything else, when there is only the plague. The actual plague, and the fascist one, too. It feels crushing, that people-other Americans- might just leave us here to be kicked in the junk.

I want to be clear about what I believe is happening: getting Portland to heel is the goal, so it’s very, very important that people who are not in Portland think that this city is a war zone.

So I want to add to the voices of Portland telling you, wherever you are: It isn’t. The protests are pinpointed, at very specific locations. The rest of the city is trying to live their lives as best they can.

The violence that is being enacted upon the protesters is why there is a conflict at all.

It is the government building that has murder holes and barricades. It is the government vehicles that takes people away and it is the government employees who, unidentified but with Very Large Guns, kidnap us. Any person in America who is not outraged by this action, somehow thinks it cannot happen to them. But it can, and they’re going to start this in Chicago this week.

Remove the police from the equation, and the Feds-the police, the mayor, even-have nothing to stand on.

Fuck everything about this.

We deserve better.

Today’s second pint goes to the ACLU.

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