Front Porch Chats #16\Second Pint BRF

double mountain 'this is the only planet with beer' IPAOn the one hand, I appreciate what Double Mountain is doing by focusing on the Idaho 7 hops in the ‘This Is The Only Planet With Beer’ IPA.

On the other, Breonna Taylor’s killers are free, and so is Roger Stone.

The scale really doesn’t balance.

This beer is a single hop ale, so there is a spotlight on the Idaho 7 flavor. I get the sense of some pine, both in the nose of the beer and on the finish. There’s a bit out ‘scour your mouth’ quality to the bitterness, too; Idaho 7’s are a bit on the intense side, it would seem.

The real drawback for me is that the malts are not prominent enough go provide this beer with some depth. Because it isn’t bad, yet I cannot help but think that it could be great with just a nudge.

Unlike America, which is going to take an entire movement to be even good. A flushable movement, I would wager.

Those scales may never balance. But they certainly don’t have to be weighted so sinfully. We deserve better and by god, until we get it, we should keep screaming about it.

Today’s second pint goes to the Black Resilience Fund

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