Front Porch Chats #12\Second Pint Okra Project

Von Ebert Black PilsBreonna Taylor’s killers are still unaccountable for their actions, as of this writing.

That sucks to think about but I’m still thinking about it, on the porch, listening tot he rain.

Because the police are unaccountable not because life isn’t fair, but because of systems we’ve decided to live with that are unfair. I’ve never liked anything that was unfair, even since I was a very tiny person.

Concurrently, I’m sipping on this Black Pils from Von Ebert, which I got on recommendation.

I went into Beer, a store on Stark that is selling cans and bottles to go, and was looking for something else to round out a four pack.

The guy behind the counter behind the glass behind a mask told me that this was pretty good. He’s not wrong. It’s got a faint roasted quality that I don’t really pick up until about midway through, which actually is how the dark malts manifest throughout: the nose has it but just barely, the finish keeps that roasted quality there a bit longer but dang near everything else about it is a straight Pilsner; even that almost sour bitterness finish Pils tend to have is there.

I think this beer would go excellent with a hot dog.

And while that conversation was a tiny luxury, it is one I am still thinking about. He took a little time to give me a suggestion, which I appreciate. The whole thing felt normal.

The line in The Last Jedi goes “We win…by saving what we love.”

I am still very aware that the injustices done to America have not been addressed on the scale it needs to be, but I don’t want to pass those moments by where something good happened. Like the protection of LGBTQ+ rights by the Supreme Court today.

Fighting for justice is as important as preserving the values that lead us to justice. Inevitably, that means preserving the people, and relationships, that help us stand up.

Even in small ways, like getting a recommendation for a beer.

Today’s second pint goes to The Okra Project.

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