Front Porch Chats #10/Second Pint PRM

Unsung Lumino lagerUnsung’s Lumino Mexican style lager is what I’m drinking today. It’s got a faintly sourdough nose, a bit of lemon in the body and possibly one of the crispest finishes I’ve drank all year.

It is a perfect beer for yesterday, when it was 91 degrees out. Even on an overcast day like today though, it’s still pretty good.

A couple years back, while talking about California’s ecological crisis (the fires of that summer) I’d said that America had become ungovernable.

Goddamn I hate being right.

I used to love being right. Because being right is evidence of a correct way of living, yes? Better than whatever someone else was doing because they were incorrect. Sure, you could also say that it was partially a way to boost a damaged self-esteem and you wouldn’t be wrong.

But still; there is nothing quite like being right.

These days I hate being right. Everything I’m right about sucks. There isn’t even the satisfaction of having things change because I’m right, because the people who should care about that-not necessarily ME being right but actually just BEING right-don’t.

We don’t vote until November, quite possibly our last chance for non-violent change. In the meanwhile, people are righteously angry and acting accordingly, because the contract that they have made with the rest of us isn’t being kept. They’re angry, their parents are angry, their children are angry.

They get killed, and nobody fixes that wrong. What else is expected but anger?

So we get an ungovernable country.

Broken contracts means that we don’t have to accept this anymore. This death, this suffering, this poverty; these broken systems. We shouldn’t accept the defense of these things. They don’t have to be this way and we know it.

As long as we do accept that, we get what we deserve-and the thing is, we all deserve better.

Today’s second pint goes to the Portland Rescue Mission

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