Front Porch Chats #7\Second Pint OFB

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m damn near the point where I’m about to go all Network on the universe.

Cigar City Guavabera Citra pale aleLet’s have a Guavabera Citra Pale ale from Cigar City and talk about that.

The guava flavor is allllll over this pale, and unfortunately that seems to be all it has to offer. The finishing bitterness is strong, but not sharp, however that doesn’t seem to be helping.

The midrange of this beer is sweet but less malt sweet and more fruit sweet. That’s really not making things better. It’s the finishing bitterness, though, that’s killing this beer. With a rapidly fading nose, a one-dimensional sweetness and a bitterness that sticks around like the knowledge that your new apartment was the scene of a murder, this one just misses.

And we deserve better than that.

We deserve better than this feckless, lying President. We deserve better than a country where poor people have unsafe drinking water for years on end.

We deserve a better society than one that allows people of color to be murdered just for existing, and failing that, we ABSOLUTELY deserve better than needing a national outcry to start the wheels of justice to turn for those people.

Those people are us. The poor of this nation are us. The sick of this nation are us.

We deserve better than the rotting infrastructure we currently have-something great once upon a time, now left to crumble, as power brokers hoard their gold to keep us from having functional water, power, internet, roads, and most importantly, governance. We deserve better than seeing our most vulnerable arrange tent cities for shelter.

We deserve better in the same way that “We are Groot”; that protecting people, those who are weakest amongst us, advocating for truth, justice and equality is advocating not just for others, but for ourselves.

We deserve a country that changes. And not for these shitheel grifters, either. If were going to be gifted, then we deserve to be grifted by the Brothers Bloom, not the gang from the Ladykillers, or the equivalent of this Kountry’s Keystone Kops.

Demand better. We deserve it.

Because I’ll tell you: This beer, it’s gotten almost tolerable. But it hasn’t gotten better. The mediocrity of its front hasn’t improved, and the bitterness of this finish barely diminished, I’ve just had to live with drinking it, because I paid for it. My perception of it almost shifted, because now that I’ve had to endure it, this beers flaws don’t seem so prominent.

But we deserve better.

Today’s second pint goes to the Oregon Food Bank.

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