Front Porch Chats #6\Second Pint PDX Diaper Bank

Outside is bullshit right now. I have to do this indoors because of the rain.

OK, fine; its for the best that it is rainy and miserable out, because it means people are more inclined to stay home. Which is good! It’s helping keep us safe, regardless of what a bunch of yahoos in Salem are protesting.

Those ‘protesters’ can, to be quite blunt about it, eat a bag of horse dicks. Their argument is in bad faith at best, immoral and quite possibly evil at worst. Horse dicks: they can eat ’em.

Gigantic Robots & Windmills belgian aleI, however, am going to sip on this beer from Gigantic: Robots and Windmills. It’s a Belgian quad kept in Pinot noir barrels.

Longtime readers may remember that I have a weakness for any beer named after monsters, giant monsters, and/or robots. That it’s coming from a brewery that regularly delivers some top notch suds is a bonus.

The nose leaps out of the glass, and I can smell the Pinot noir character  well before I finish even pouring my glass.

This beer is a little strange; the sweetness is so intense, coupled with the fruity and tart elements from the barrel, that it almost seems like a fruit syrup. A little thicker and I’d be pouring it on pancakes. There’s even an element of chocolate here.

It has a LOT going on.

So I don’t know if I can say if it’s good or not. It’s interesting. It’s worth tasting. It may be exactly what you want. But it isn’t quite coming together for me.

It’s a hell of a lot better than the bag of horse dicks that the “reopen” protesters should be eating.

Today’s second pint goes to the Portland Diaper Bank.

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