Front Porch Chats #4\Second Pint Blanchet House

Culmination Baltic porterIt’s Culmination’s Baltic porter.

A Baltic porter in April? Really?

Well, if time is going to get weird (and it is) then why not?

I will say this; this beer smells like chocolate covered espresso beans and tastes like it too. There’s a delightful toffee ribbon going through this, too. Basically, this beverage is what people wish coffee was, instead of the hot, bitter swill that it is. As far as Dumbest Timeline drinks go, this is pretty great.

Thinking about the future last week had me thinking about relationships. After all, relationships are how damn near anything gets done.

Here’s what I mean: in the book Predictably Irrational, the author describes two different kinds of relationships: the personal, and the business.

For example; If I invite someone to my house for dinner and they pay me at the end of it, that is off putting. Because I didn’t invite them over to get money from them-we have an emotional relationship of some sort. I benefit from their company, not their money.

But if I go to a restaurant, eat and then invite the staff over to my house sometime for food, attempting to leave without paying, I think anyone can see the problem that presents.

And right now, there are a whoooooooole lot of businesses trying to disguise their relationships to us as personal ones, instead of business ones. But that’s another topic.

Because where things get complicated is the relationship we have with government.

Politics is the art of using relationship capital to get business done. And, in some cases, using business capital to get relationships made.

That’s weird, right?  (Also, this Baltic porter is distracting me from my point, as it is delicious; just sweet enough, just roasted enough. Seriously, you should have some. Let’s get back to it.)

Inevitably, government, ideally (massive caveat that we are indeed far from ideal), should be an extension of the will of the people. Which means that it needs to use relationship capital (we want X as the standard for everyone, and here are the things we need to do to get there) to make business things happen (we are going to build roads/power lines/schools so that we can achieve the X standard).

So there is an emotional connection and a business one, too. That’s pretty complicated waters to navigate.

What happens when the business relationship becomes all that it is about?

Businesses exist to do one thing: Make money for the owner.

Except that isn’t what governance is about. So what happens when someone with no understanding of relationships, only the power dynamics of money is in charge

Rhetorical question; we’re living it in real time. It’s terrible.

I don’t think that is the kind of government, or relationship, that people want.

So I believe that were going to have to shift how things work-and have been working for most of my life-in order to transition from the dollar forward mode of governance, to the people forward mode.

But that’s a pretty big shift that we ought to start thinking about that now, so we can hit the ground running in November.

Today’s second pint will go to Blanchet House

2 thoughts on “Front Porch Chats #4\Second Pint Blanchet House”

  1. Baltic porters should be year-round! Good on you for featuring one! And thanks for your blog. cheers, and take good care — may you and yours be well.

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