Front Porch Chats #3/Second Pint H4A

In another first for me, I had beer delivered to my house-in this instance, Labyrinth Forge’s Aridane’s Thread, a red currant saison. The future is weird in ways I never really expected; it feels normal to have a pizza brought to me but beer? I can’t complain about it, but it’s still weird.

pic of Labyrinth Forge- Aridane's Thread red currant saisonAridane’s Thread has the Belgian saison nose; a little spicy, a little funky, as expected. The flavor is neat, though; the currants give this a little bit of sweetness and a little tartness that I was a delightful surprise. And the typical saison finish is muted too, so the fruitier quality gets a chance to shine through. Usually saisons peppery but that’s been given a second fiddle role in the Thread.

I like it. I’m a little surprised both by how tasty it is and how easy it is to sip on.
I’ve decided I’m going to make some time to think about the future this week. Not necessarily my future, though I wouldn’t mind being included, but the future, big picture.

Because that’s something that the bad faith actors in this crisis are able to act on: a vision of the future where they got what they wanted, regardless of the cost, because we were so focused on just getting to Tuesday that we couldn’t see November. And they’re limited by it too, because they cannot see a future where they receive comeuppance for their deeds.

Suffering has a tendency to focus someone on the moment. If you haven’t been focused on a moment before, it’s pretty interesting practice.

But stretched out over time, suffering deprives you of the future. Slams down on your ability to visualize a better tomorrow because today, your hand is being slammed in the door.

We can’t do it all the time, though. That’s one of the reasons we need each other. Sometimes, you’ll be the one who can see what the would could be like, sometimes, you’ll need to trust someone else’s eyes. That’s not easy-that takes trust.

Trust is something that, from on high at least, is in short supply. They don’t trust each other, and they certainly don’t trust us.

But from down here, we can trust each other. Build back up what is being eroded every goddamn day.

We can’t afford to be foolish about it, since we live amongst grifters. But nonetheless, we got to trust someone and we need see a future to believe in, one someone is worth trusting for.

Today’s second pint goes to Hygiene 4 All. Full disclosure: I know the executive director of that organization.

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