What’s To Be Gained

I watched this video on making tacos placeros, and it certainly made me hungry.

It also got me to thinking about what happens when other cultures and people are able to contribute to the community at large. About what is lost when we ignore them. At least half of that video is in Spanish, and without subtitles I wouldn’t know what was going on. But with subtitles, I got a fantastic window into something that I would not have seen-with some ideas for cooking myself.

Which is one reason it’s so great to see different voices come up in the beer scene, including the very cool SheBrew festival. (Which I volunteer at, just for disclosure’s sake.)

Round Two #39

Upright Schade UPAAt the Lents Pub and Bottle House, I get the Upright Schade IPA. Where is the nose for this beer? On my sixth deep sniff, I start to get some pine, but damn, Upright, help a fella out.

The flavors don’t improve my experience; while there is a little sweetness on the front end, the bank end is skunky, bitter, and has a dryness to it. Of the three, the skunky quality is the opposite of what I want-but that might be different if there was some setup for that flavor in the nose.

I am trying the Upright because when they first started up, I thought the beers they made were overrated for the price. They were OK, but they were priced as if they were excellent. When you live in a city full of excellent beers priced competitively, why pay an extra dollar for something OK?

However, Upright recently made the top ten list of local breweries, so I thought: Hey, let’s give them another shot. It’s been years and things may have changed.

Well…what’s changed is that the marketplace prices have caught up to them (I’m paying $6 for a pint everywhere now) but their beer? Not so much.

Still, second chances matter, right?

I’ll admit, second chances feel like a luxury right now. With a cultural leader who is trying to make lies the standard and distrust the order of the day, the ability to give something a second chance is one where the margin of error is starting to feel thinner and thinner.

Stick to what you know, what is familiar, stay afraid of the different…stay hostile to anyone who isn’t promising you absolute protection.

Starts to sound pretty messed up, doesn’t it?

I ask for my second glass of the Upright and the bartender pauses.

“You sure you dont’ want to try the (3 Floyds/Boneyard collaboration IPA) Gumball?”

I start explaining what I’m doing, and the bartender continues,

“It’s kinda a one time thing…”

Fuck it, I’m sold. I wasn’t that committed to the Schade and more importantly, I’m having a moment with the bartender. He comes around the bar and we chat about beer and beer trends, about the dominance of IPAs but the importance of executing good styles well. I soon turn my attention to the Gumball.

The nose is still faint, but it does have a fruity gumball quality. Like something from a machine in the grocery store when I was a kid.

The beer is so much easier to drink, mostly noted on the roundness of the finish. The bitterness is akin to white wine, as is the drying quality and there isn’t a skunky moment. Plus, the front end is a little sweeter, so that’s nice. I’m glad I took the bartender’s advice and I’d recommend the Gumball to people if they can try it.

And, unfortunately, the second pint project is still delayed-but will start up as soon as the bank gets me my credit card, I promise!