Front Porch Chats #1\Second Pint SotR

Greetings from the front porch of my home.

I’d like nothing more than to be in a pub, writing: I’ve gotten used to doing so over a couple decades. But, as with everyone else, I find myself in unusual circumstances.

So for the very first time in my life, I got beer to go from a brewery and have come outside to enjoy it.

I hate drinking outside. It’s uncivilized. The temperature is never comfortable, the light is never correct, and it’s at least 50% more likely that a bug will fly into your drink.

Still, we have not yet gotten to the point where a person can’t sit on their porch and have a beer-and let’s hope we don’t. So I can focus on the unhappiness of my situation, or I can make the best of it.

Because while I am not responsible for the situation I find myself in, I certainly am responsible for what I decide to do about it. We do what we can to help everyone, not just ourselves.

Gorges Starry Night ESB

This situation is assisted by a Gorges Starry Night ESB. Gorges is a newer brewery that opened up an outpost in Portland close enough to my route home that the pickup was an easy decision. I hope I’m able to get more beer this way, for as long as all of this nonsense lasts.

The ESB isn’t listed in my BJCP style guide; there’s ordinary, best, and strong varieties of bitter, but no extra special. Which is very weird, because I’ve been buying ESBs for awhile now.

What I get from the Starry Night doesn’t offer much malt in the nose-maybe a bit of Caramel 60 malt. But it’s faint. The flavors though, they don’t want to play nice together. There’s a sweet element that shows up early, and it’s followed by a roasted one that is remarkably potent. It might even qualify as burnt.

It lingers, too, so it actually discourages me from drinking more of it. Makes this beer difficult to recommend, I’m bummed to say. Maybe this will work for someone else, though: I am not detecting anything flawed here. It just isn’t very quaffable.

Today’s second pint goes to the Sisters of the Road cafe.


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