Round Two #40\Second Pint EFF

I had to ponder my choices this evening, because as I walked into NWIPA, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a long time and they recommended the Grains of Wrath ale. But, Block 15’s A Nugg Hugg caught my eye as I surveyed my options. I asked for tastes of both beers and tried to give myself a little time with each-not enough to make the bartender’s life difficult, but enough to absorb what I was getting.

I went with the Block 15. As one might suspect, the nose has a marijuana jolt to it. A similar dankness is prominent on the finish, but there’s also a touch of lemon. Which is wild, but I am all about it. The citrus note cuts through the dank quality just enough to make this a far more interesting beer than it would be otherwise. So I’m glad I stopped for a moment to think about what I was getting.

Block 15 A Nugg Hugg IPAThose pauses are important. Especially as we confront a pandemic: the urge to panic is high, right?

I get that. There’s all kinds of contributing factors towards panic and I think it’s important to acknowledge them-the factors, that is, not the panic. We already know about panic, it’s crashed the party and might just be barfing in the sink as we speak.

The nice thing about taking a pause is that it gives us power over panic. Should we be concerned? Absolutely. Everything I’ve read suggests that we should take appropriate steps to protect ourselves, not the least of which includes washing yer damn hands, folks.

But the pause? The pause gives us a moment to look at what we should actually be worried about. Should we hoard water or toilet paper? Do we need to purchase every drop of sanitizer or use vodka to wash ourselves?

No, we don’t. I’ve read that it’s better if we behave with kindness and thoughtfully.  However, the only way to know that is to stop and give ourselves the chance to see that picture!

So I want to encourage that. Maybe it’s a beer on the porch. Maybe it’s art, or admiring a great clip from a movie, or a book. Maybe it’s appreciating a loved one, or petting your dog. Or cat. Whatever accepts pets from you. Perhaps the moon looks amazing tonight (it does!) or maybe you just accomplished something.

Because when you have the space and opportunity to not only ask what is worth worrying about, but why you need to be worried, we can make better choices. What brought about Mount Clusterfuck becomes a question we can talk reasonably about.

And since Donald Trump is currently king of Mount Clusterfuck…it’s worth asking who’s responsible, too.
My second glass suffers on the olfactory element. I don’t know why; maybe it’s just because I’ve had one already and it’s built up in my senses, now?
The bitterness has started to build up, too. It’s sharper, juuuuust frisking a bit of a juniper-like bitterness. But I still like it.
Today’s second pint goes to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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