Unhealthy Coping Strategies, 1 (McCarthy Single Malt)

Give the stresses at work as of late (which have been of the kind to summon a Munch painting to mind, except instead of one person making the “Macauley Culkin shaving in Home Alone” face, it’s been thirty or forty of us), I’ve been…supplementing my coffee from time to time.

McCarthy's Whiskey & cup

While I would not approve of this as a long-term coping strategy, or when you’ve got a number of face-to-face meetings, it’s certainly taken the edge off of a day or two recently.

I’d also recommend a cheaper brand, one that should not be enjoyed on its own with a drop or two of water. Unlike this, which is peaty and smoky and undeniably good with a splash of H2O. However, one works with what one has on hand.


One thought on “Unhealthy Coping Strategies, 1 (McCarthy Single Malt)”

  1. I never found the mix of Scotch and coffee to work well, but applaud you nonetheless! Insulated travel mugs can hide the smell…

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