Round 2 #36 \ Second Round LTT

This is the year where hope fails you-Slipknot

Fremont B-Bomb aleToday’s ruminations come over a Fremont 2017 B-Bomb winter ale aged in bourbon barrels.

Chocolate is prominent in the nose, with a little bourbon smokiness. The first sip follows along these lines, except there’s a hint of chili spice on it that rests on the middle of my tongue and wants to set up shop in the back of my throat.

I’ve been thinking about that Slipknot lyric a lot lately, but especially since Thursday, when it became official that the United States Gov’t was an enterprise run by criminals for criminal activities, instead of by citizens for the citizens. It was… disheartening, even if I knew what the result was going to be.

The chocolate quality in the B-Bomb is more cocoa than sweet, and that dry spark is adding to the overall spiciness. I like it, but the experience is not very deep: chocolate and chili is the kind of thing that makes sense but I was under the impression that winter ales had more complex spice notes.

I suppose anything with a spice note and a higher ABV will do the trick for winter ale, but the range for what it can be is still pretty broad. In a rare move though, I’m going to only have one beer for this series. The B-Bomb is 14% and that is just far, far too high for me to have a second and be happy tomorrow.

So…hope has failed me. Hope that the right thing would be done-that the appeals of people who were risking (at least) their careers, in order to do the right thing would be heard, in order to build a better world for everyone. I’d been taught that right matters in America and I’m not the only one. So I’d hoped that righteousness would take center stage. That hope has clearly been dashed.

I am left with the ugly truth that bigots, cowards, and despots hold enough of the levers of power to rule over us…what does hope offer us then?

My conclusion is that hope can only take you so far. Hope has to be the call to action and we have to take actions born of our hope, in order to get out from under the thumb of cowardly, fearful, terrible people. Hope might’ve failed us but the work still exists, whether we have hope or not.

The work doesn’t have to fail us, we just have to have enough strength to do it. The right thing was fought for and built on, until it gave us what we have now. I believe we are being called on now, again, to do the work of making a better world. That takes courage-and that’s what I think we need, even more than hope.

Slipknot’s song is very much about being defiant in the face of such odds and it’s ferociously angry. If anger helps me be brave against such forces, then I’ll take anger.

My final sips of the B-Bomb are dominated by a chocolate smoke scent, and a spicy finish. The spice lingers but it isn’t very intense and helps counterbalance the sweetness of the bourbon. It’s a pretty solid beer, despite its one dimensional quality but I’m glad I’m passing on a second.

Today’s second pint goes to the Live Through This project. As always: disclosure-I know the person who runs this. She’s awesome.

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