Round Two #35\Second Pint OEF

After last weekend’s event, friends from the East Coast came into town to visit. So it was quite a lively week, showing them around town. All that liveliness though has left me less than enamored of the notion of going out.

I don’t have to go out for beer. After my service at the OBAs I came home with fourteen cases of beer! I can’t write about it until after the ceremony in February but that isn’t the point. The point is: I can just stay home.

Except…home is solitary. Home is where I devour enough news to keep myself informed, and that news is horribly depressing and not just a little frightening. Solitary events are where fat, vitriolic men can yell racist things at me over the radio and I have no defense. It is only going out into the world and seeing people be normal and kind that I can counter it.

Wander Stallion Horse Brown aleSo, yeah, let’s go out into the world and get ourselves Wander’s Stallion Horse Brown on nitro.

The name is a little silly, right? Are there stallions that aren’t horses? Isn’t “Stallion Brown” a better name?

But it’s damn hard to fault anything else here, because what I’ve got is an easy to sip on brown ale, with lots of chocolate notes and a nice dry finish. The nose is blunted due to the nitro effect, but I certainly enjoy sipping on this beer.

It gets a little sharper on the bitterness about halfway through, more cocoa powder than chocolate, but this is just a pleasant contrast, rather than an off putting moment.

Going out is a good thing, to not miss out on the old woman furtively smoking out her front door as I walked here, or seeing the couple braving the outdoors at Proper Pint, or checking all the houses that still have Christmas lights up on the way home. It makes life feel a little more human, and I could definitely use more of that.

For round two, I get the glass to my nose a little quicker and I can pick up some faint coffee roast. I’m not mad about that, but again, the nitro tamps down on the scent quickly and I’m struggling to pick up more.

Still, it’s a good beer and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.

Today’s second pint goes to the Oregon Energy Fund.


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