Round Two #32\Second Pint NWIRP

You know, normally I’d avoid a hazy IPA; they’re frequently poorly balanced and nearly undrinkable. But those hazy beers are rarely made by Ruben’s and aren’t a double.

Rubens Double Crush Hazy IPASo let’s have Ruben’s Double Crush.

The nose has grapefruit, yes, but there’s also an element of pine in there too. It’s subtle but provides just enough dimension to make this beer feel more approachable and now I’m looking forward to drinking it.

The Double Crush does not disappoint; this hazy is definitely sweet, but there’s a hint of tartness and some actual bitterness on this finish to keep this beer a drinking one. An easy drinking one at that. Which might just be dangerous, depending on the ABV of this beer… which my research says is 8%.

Yeah. That’ll set you in your chair if you aren’t careful.

The second glass lets the grapefruit tartness rise up a bit, and my sips reveal a little spiciness on the finish. Definitely more interesting than the first glass let on.

We aren’t even a week into the new year and already the fears of WWIII have kicked in. Sometimes you just want to have a beer in peace: 2020 will apparently not be that year.

We live in the timeline where the dumbest, most callous, petty, greedy humans have been put in charge. So I do what I can: I try to raise the profile of the disadvantaged so they will be seen and we will do right by them.

And I tell the president to go fuck himself on Twitter. Because he can go fuck himself. And the more of us who say that, the safer all of us will be…eventually. So let’s keep talking.

Today’s second pint goes to the NW Immigrant’s Rights Project.

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