Round Two #31\Second Pint VSA

‘There’s only one rule that I know of, babies-“God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”’ ― Kurt Vonnegut.

Welcome to the last post of 2019! I’m glad you’re here. I got a Plaid Habit from Boulevard, which is an imperial brown ale kept in Canadian whiskey barrels.

Boulevard Plaid Habit brown aleThe nose smells like cheap hooch and bad grandmas. Maybe you’re into that?

But tasting it gives me some dried cherry or raisin, a little bit of chocolate and a touch of whiskey. An offering of maple syrup arrives to keep things interesting though I’m not sure if it’s interesting enough. The aftertaste has that high alcohol burn that settles on the front third of my tongue. It’s far more drinkable than the nose offers, which I’m grateful for. Also, it’s a 13% beer so I don’t think I’ll have a second one. It’s good but it isn’t THAT good.

I think in this instance what I’ve got is a beer that is mismatched; brown ales need to be light, and even an imperial brown ale shouldn’t carry much weight but whiskey is strong stuff. This is something that needs the intensity of malts from a porter or stout to really stand up.

As I was saying; I’m glad you’re here. Regardless of how the year has treated you, you can say you made it to the end of one. Hopefully, you’ve made it through relatively unscathed.

I fear it won’t last. This coming year, it’s going to be one wild ride. Anyone who is paying attention should understand that, and that ride does not look like fun at all. We’re going to have to do extra work, looking out for each other-being kind enough to include everyone who needs to be included, and only mean enough to scare off those who would cause harm to us, just because we exist.

It’s a fine line. I doubt we will walk it perfectly. However, I don’t think we do the work in order to be perfect. We do it because it must be done, and if not by us, who? There’s no sense that I can tell, letting the perfect be the enemy of the good to the point that we don’t do the work.

And if this year has been difficult for you, then I’m sorry. I hope that 2020 is kinder to all of us-despite my fears for the coming year. Or may be in spite of those fears. That works, too.

Today’s second pint goes to Vote Save America.

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