Round Two #29\Second Pint Vera

‘I’d take a recommendation,’ I tell the bartender. She recommends Modern Times’ Blazing World.

Modern Times-Blazing World IPAThat’s as good a reason as any to pick a beer.

This ale looks bright and clean and I am feeling hopeful about it before I put it to my nose. When I do get the beer there, the scents are dried citrus fruit-orange & tangerine.

This one is a nice beer to drink. The tangerine quality is in front and at the final bitterness but it isn’t overpowering. Some caramel malt is allowed to escape through the bars, which is sweet enough to give the Blazing World dimension.

But, the finish is so clean and crisp, you could be forgiven thinking the Blazing World was a lager. There’s a little too much lingering citrus to get away with that but the brightness of that quality makes for a beer that’s really easy to drink.

Glass two, the twinning. I pick up more grassy qualities in this-the citrus is still there but it’s blended with a lawn element. No, I don’t know what to make out of it, but I checked three times and by golly, there’s a something grassy there.

I’m also getting more malt in this glass. The tangerine is present but the caramel wants to saunter up and make itself known. I can’t object to this; it’s a tasty beer still and this isn’t a radical departure from the first one I had, but I’m getting a little more from it, which is nice.

What’s been interesting is that there’s been a rise in the “dankness” of the Blazing World. A moist forest scent and flavor that is trying to cuddle up to the tangerine and it’s working! But it’s different.

Today’s second pint goes to Vera Institute of Justice.

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