Round 2 #18/Second Pint LTT

Wayfinder Freiheit! Octoberfest ale. Is this my first Octoberfest of the year? Quite possibly!

Wayfinder Octoberfest aleI don’t get much nose and the first sip feels thin, with a bit of malt kicking in about halfway through.

That’s…odd. But as I continue sipping on the beer, the malt qualities start to sit up straight and make themselves counted. The nose is still pretty weak, but there are touches of bread dough there.

I was a little worried to start with, because the beer was so thin-the initial feel and even flavor resembled something near flavorless. It is a bit of a relief to arrive at this beer and find out that there is something there. A sprinkle of graininess, definitely on the sweeter side, and maybe a little corn at the end?

However, the finish is fairly crisp, and nothing lingers for very long.

I give my second glass a little swirl, trying to see if agitating the beer will release more aroma. It works, a little; I get some more corn to smell. But it’s not offputting, since there is a grainy quality and the finish is so damn clean.

Plus, the scent disappears quickly and what’s left is something that is similar to a good Plisner. It’s a really easy beer to drink. Decent, I suppose, with some tiny flaws that keep it from being good to great.

Today’s second pint goes to Live Through This*.

*This is the part where I disclose that I know the person who runs that, and she’s awesome.

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