The Six #2: Grixsen’s Brown Ale

I’ve come for Grixsen’s Brown Ale.

Is there a little touch of vanilla amongst the chocolate? SomethingGrixsen brown ale is giving this a scent that is the reason people should drink brown ales. My friend suggests caramel and I have to agree; caramel is a better choice but it doesn’t quite nail it. Finally it hits me; hazelnut. We agree; that’s the flavor.

So why would I send someone here? Because brown ales are a great style that often go unsung, and people should give them a chance. And if I’m going to recommend a brown ale, then why not the best damn brown ale I think Portland has to offer?

Grixen’s brown ale is light and possibly one of the most drinkable ales in the city. Yet it’s got plenty of malt flavor for body, and a hit of astringency on the finish to balance it all out.

This isn’t to dismiss the other beers that Grixsen has; their tap list reflects a lot of english-style ales, malty but quite drinkable. The brown ale is why you come, the other ales are as you like!

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