I know, it’s a bit click-baity to have article titles like ‘the worst x in y’, however I thought most of the answers to this article pining on the worst trends in brewing were worth hearing.

Sure, some can be ignored-people criticizing taste trends, for example-but critiques about the treatment of women both as employees and consumers, the absence of people of color in the industry, the usurping of smaller breweries into larger ones that now pose as those tiny places, concerns about the distribution model; these are things that conscientious drinkers ought to take into consideration when we spend our money.

Little spoiler here: if you’re a consumer, you’d best start being conscientious about where you spend your money, whenever you can.

2 thoughts on “Trends”

  1. The lack of racial diversity of customers is not the same as racial diversity in an industry is it? Because that’s what James Higgs (intern Forager Brewery) is complaining about; a lack of colored customers in a city that’s 75% white.

    1. It would appear that he’s talking about both.

      “Not enough minorities, blacks, and Hispanics drinking craft beer. ”

      But then:

      ” I would love to see more diversity in the industry.”

      So I’d say the comment is split, overall. While he might be interning now, he’s been involved for four years, and who knows where that’s taken him?

      However, it’s also been my experience that the kind of people within an industry often bring those kinds of people in as customers-see every time there are women in the band, the female attendance of that band seems to go up.

      So it’s likely a bit of both, but he doesn’t articulate it very clearly.

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