Round Two #15/Second Pint TP

IFieldwork: Tiger Uppercut hazy IPAndulging my inner 6 year old, I have bought the Tiger Uppercut by Fieldwork without looking at the style or knowing anything about the brewery, which is new to me, and the name, which is awesome.

It is sweet. The nose holds grapefruit, but the flavors drill into more of a grapefruit gummy thing.

When it hits my stomach, I can feel the alcohol arrive but rolling it around on my tongue, I wouldn’t notice that density unless I was looking. This beer has enough bubbly on the end to really cut out any sense of soda pop sweetness that a lot of hazy IPAs have. I find I that the finish is a lot cleaner than expected.

On the upside, that does make this beer a lot more drinkable than expected. Which I appreciate, since I’m just north of burnt out on hazy IPAs.

Round 2; the nose fades really fast. I’m a little surprised but now that I reflect, the nose on the first glass didn’t stick around either. That isnt’ to say that it’s gone, just…it needs some time to accumulate and build, I suppose.

Still, the second glass holds true; this walks up to the line of too sweet, but plants its foot firmly enough on the side of bitterness that it works really well. I think I’m a fan.

Today’s second pint goes to Transition Projects.

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