Round Two #14\Second Pint POP

I can smell the Definitely Is IPA from a foot and a half away. So, I’ve ordered a hazy…

Definitely Is IPA-hazyI might not have, if my initial exchange with the barkeep had gone a little different:

“I’m not sure about the IPA or the Amber ale. Have you had either?” I asked.

“Well, they’re very specific. It just depends on which you’re in the mood for.”

Well. Thanks for that illuminating comment. I take a risk on the beer, because it’s a collaboration between Breakside and Wayfinder and they’re usually pretty solid.

The nose on this fades rapidly, and that’s…both bad, since I don’t get those flavors now, and a little good, since a radius of 18 inches is a strong initial olfactory broadcast.

It tastes like grapefruit soda with a champagne finish. Sweet, especially in the middle, a little rind-pithy near the end with a very dry finish to complete the cycle.

Barely a third of the way into the drink though, and that pith quality starts to amplify. It’s a good thing that this beer wants to finish dry, because that keeps the bitterness from sticking to my tongue for long.

It’s a bit of a shame, since the glass this has been served to me in is adorable. I feel as though a better beverage is due for this glass.

The second pour: Fuck Nazis.

I’m sorry. I’m distracted: Portland was subject to ‘protests’ by white nationalist groups today, and while there was a healthy showing by people who recognize that this is all terrible, there was also the Portland Police closing the Hawthorne bridge and escorting the white nationalists across it. The media got their panties in a bunch by people breaking the windows on a bus of fascists leaving the city (said fascists had started attacking people with hammers), and the racists got a great photo op and a police escort.

Because the racists and fascists are who we should be giving consideration to.

The description of what is, honestly, an adequate hazy IPA, fades in relevance to the fact that in 2019, I have to publicly say: fuck Nazis, because the Powers That Be have decided that making money is far more important than stopping fascism.

That’s weird, right? It’s certainly weird enough to put me off this beer.

Today’s second pint goes to Point of Pride.

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