Round 2 #13/ Second Pint ACLU

Oakshire Reclaim the Fame IPAToday I picked up Oakshire’s Reclaim the Fame IPA. I wasn’t certain but I was guessing that this would be a “throwback” IPA, or what they’re calling (sigh) West Coast IPAs. I suppose I’m just being a little curmudgeonly; West/East Coast IPA is an easy way for people to make the distinction between the styles, and I shouldn’t be so uptight about it. The bigger point, however, is that I was right: This is a clear IPA with a bitter finish.

I like the pine nose that I can pick up but it’s not strong. The flavors aren’t too forest-y either; a little bit but the middle has a nice malt backbone-honey seems to be the standout flavor here- and a bitter quality on the finish that appears with a little ‘sup and fades. The hops are prominent, and even forward in this beer, but they are not the be all end all, and I like that.

I get to taste the second pour a little quicker. but the head evaporates almost remarkably fast as the first pour. That is a small bummer, but it does explain why I can’t seem to get a lot out of smelling this beer.

The bitterness has settled in though; while not oppressive the foundation for some proper bitterness has been laid and now I’m picking up a palate cleanse with this quality. I wish the Reclaim was a little more effervescent, since that would help temper the hop finish, but on the other hand; this is a back to basics IPA that is there to remind people why this style rose to popularity in the first place. I’m recommending it.

Today’s second pint goes to the ACLU.

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