Round 2 #12\Second Pint EFGS

54-40’s Red Zeppelin is a red ale, and it’s a chilled, toasty, delightful beer to have on a 93 degree day. 54-40 Red Zeppelin ale

Whose idea was this, 93 degrees? My goodness.

But this beverage has a cold chocolate ribbon through it and I am pleased to have it. The finish is a little bitter but it’s a toasted bitter, not a hop bitterness. The finish isn’t very crisp but this drink reminds me, just a little of the drinkable chocolate drinks I’ve had, except it’s cold.

The second round, I slow down enough to see if I can smell anything and I can’t pick anything up. Again, one of the things I seem to noting is how cold this beer is. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s been such a hot day, or because the beer is colder than usual.

The chocolate note is right below the toasted flavor now, and while I cannot say that the Red Zeppelin has changed, I certainly have noticed the toast more than the chocolate. Still, a pretty damn lovable red ale; just about everything you want in the style and light enough that you can have a couple of them.

Today’s second pint goes to Everytown For Gun Safety.

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