Round Two #11\Second Pint AIC

Block 15 Wandelpad BlondeThe biggest thing I know Block 15 for is their excellent Sticky Hands IPA, so when I saw a blonde ale on tap by them, I was interested in seeing how they would take on a different style of beer. Hence: the Wandelpad Belgian blonde.

That Belgian yeast scent is right up front; a little clove, a little honeysuckle sweetness. Something that isn’t quite sugar but isn’t something else, either.

The yeast has just taken over the flavors of this beer, too. Clove and sweetness pawing over my tongue like a Labrador trying to say hello. The finish has a dry element though; this beer is something that makes me thirsty without quenching my thirst.

That’s…new. I’m not sure how to process a drink that doesn’t fix thirst. If I was a more troubled man, I might subscribe to being under a curse of some kind.

This beer flummoxes me; have I died? Am I to be troubled forever now, perturbed by the flavors of clove, hot days accompanied with unquenchable thirst, to punish me like Job?

The second beer has elements of…sulfur?

Oh, no. Did I get the wrong beer or am I cursed?

I clear my palate and try again. Whew: the familiar clove yeast scent is back. There isn’t an all powerful force in the universe trying to punish me. Sure, I’ve got a beer that I still don’t know how to work with-it’s not at all unpleasant but it kinda doesn’t do what beer is supposed to do? It’s a little like the trope about Chinese food; you eat it and are still hungry.

But I find most Chinese food to be a bit more tasty.

Perhaps food is what this beer needs; something to balance its imbalance. A charcuterie plate would work perfect, actually, since I think this beer can easily hold its own against dried meats and cheeses.

Today’s second pint goes to the American Immigration Council.

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