Round Two #10\Second Pint STV

I have finally gotten out early enough to check out Threshold’s brewery, which has been getting all the buzz lately. The Best Laid Plans IIPA is calling my name, so here we go!

Threshold Best Laid Plans IIPAOranges seem to be the strongest scent, and they run a current under the beer. But I get a bit of melon in the flavor, too. There’s enough sweetness in the middle that the pithy qualities of the hazy IPAs don’t turn the beer against me. It’s pretty nicely balanced, so far, which makes this beer more pleasant to drink than most hazys I often get.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of the melon flavors. However! It’s just midway through the first glass; I might have my mind changed. If I’m going to have a second beer, I’d rather keep my ears up for anything new, or to appreciate something I knew better, than write it all off.

If I have an issue at this point, it’s that five of the nine beers Threshold has made are variants on IPAs. Sure, there’s Brut IPA and sour IPA and double IPA buuuuut c’mon. There are also two stouts,  and that leaves a grisette and a Pilsner to round it all out. Five IPAs is a lot of IPA.

Still, let’s go for the second glass, shall we?

By now, the finishing bitterness has appeared and is coating my mouth. It isn’t too intense, but I can definitely pick it up. That bitterness doesn’t mute the sweetness in the middle; rather it emphasizes the melon flavors more than it does the citrus ones. As you might imagine, that isn’t exactly a point it it’s favor for me.

That said, I know there are people who will love this beer and these flavors; if that’s you, have at because this is a very solid example of the style, in my opinion. Heck, I might even try a not-IPA, since this is such a strong effort.

Today’s second pint goes to Spread The Vote.

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