Round Two #8\Second Pint RAICES

It isn’t often I get to talk about Chuckanut Brewing-although I imagine the opportunities will increase, since I think they’ve gotten distribution in Portland-but when I saw the pilsner on tap, I knew I had to have it. One nice thing about the new theme: I don’t always have to go for the new shiny object.Chuckanut Pilsner

The nose is slightly spicy from the hops and not a trace of malt to be found, which is both awesome and interesting.

The beer has a mild sweetness to it but that easily steps aside for a touch of bitterness and then even that steps aside to leave nothing behind.

It’s delicious and I feel lucky to get to tell you that you should be drinking this; Chuckanut’s beers are just so well done.

Let’s have a second one!

The thing about good beers is the consistency. And this isn’t just about the second glass, although that is certainly true.

In the case of a Pilsner, or at least this one, it’s about this beer tasting good all the way down; even after breaks of conversation. I still look forward to finishing my beer, telling you all about it.

Sometimes I just want to tell people: Just try it, and let them discover it for themselves. This is definitely one of them.

Today’s second pint goes to RAICES.

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