Round Two #6\Second Pint GWAF

The new Three Way IPA;3 way IPA a Fort Georg Cloudburst, Ruse collaboration is my selection today.

There’s a tropical quality to the nose, but I think there’s some fresh cut grass there too. So far, I’m happy with that, since this beer isn’t chasing the trend of mango/grapefruit/candy qualities found in so many IPAs now.

The flavors in the first glass definitely have bursts of fruit and sweetness but the finish is bitter and a dry, with just a hint of pine. I am a fan of this. The new 3 Way has a summer drink quality, light and with qualities that allude to white wine with it’s dryness, but isn’t. Nobody will mistake this for anything but an IPA. That said, the brewers have left enough residual sweetness to keep this from being a scour pad on my tongue.

While I wouldn’t mind being downtown for today’s pint, it’s Fleet Week, which means going downtown is madness. Between traffic and having to compete with the Navy for drinks, I think I’ll just pass, you know?

Besides, it’s a beautiful day and Proper Pint is happily serving an underserved neighborhood in Portland.

By the second glass, I’ve settled in to this beer. The flavor profile isn’t changing, there doesn’t seem to be something new for me to discover.

However, I am not complaining: consistency is an important quality when making food. This second beer is exactly the same as the first one. That is precisely why I would have another one; because I know that I can repeat my experience. Well done, collaborators: this is a solid ale.

Today’s second pint goes to GWAF.

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