Common Ales: Sierra Nevada Resilience

Sierra Nevada ResilienceI bought this beer for a couple different reasons, not the least of which was for research. This year is the year that I make IPAs as my style of choice and try to build a beer I enjoy.

I love the nose on this; faintly weedy, skunky, a little pine, it evokes almost exactly what I’m hoping for from IPAs.

What really is nice is the balance; there is a soft but still palatable malt sweetness there that helps pave the way for the bitterness on the finish. The bitterness doesn’t slouch away either; this isn’t a juicebox IPA. This is 90’s era IPA, just before they started over hopping everything to hell in styles that didn’t want or need it.
But when an IPA really was a standout from the pack and a lot of forest notes were being brought into the spotlight.
And while I certainly don’t want to be a cranky, ‘back in my day’ human, I do appreciate this beer for standing out from the current trends of sweet grapefruit ales. More please.

Whatever You Say 59/Second Pint OSPRIG

I sauntered in to Bailey’s at exactly the right time; empty tables exist and there is precisely one spot on the rail of the bar for me to take, so I do. The bloke next to me has two glasses in front of him, both filled with dark liquid. The one he’s drinking: Perennial’s Sump- Ethiopian Roba, an imperial stout with Ethiopian Roba coffee.

Sump's Perennial imperial stoutThis is some excellent stuff. Coffee is the overriding flavor, of course, but there’s stripe of caramel that slithers over my tongue and adds another layer to the beer. The nose has some heavy coffee notes; it isn’t reinventing the wheel which is OK. But it’s dangerously smooth, and just a little sweet with a sparkle of effervesce on the finish.

It’s also a 10% beer, so danger Will Robinson. This is one of those ales where it would be easy to go over my limit.

I compliment the gent on his choice. We agree this is damn good and he turns to his friend, ‘you had this?’

His friend is drinking a cloudy, yellow ale and doesn’t seem to be a fan of the stouts. He takes a sip and shakes his head in a non-committal way.

“This is the Perennial, right?” The friend says with a tone that says he knows the gent.


It’s a really nice interaction and one that makes me miss my friends, the ones I don’t get to see often, or the ones out of town. Things are always better when you have good people around.

Today’s second pint goes to OSPRIG.