Whatever You Say 63/Second Pint SotR

I’ve managed to get six friends to come and see Avengers: Endgame with me, and we start off meeting at the Hawthorne Hop House. One of them is having the Lagunita’s Waldo IIPA and I think we all remember what I thought of that.

Elysian Split Shot stoutAnother is having the Elysian Split Shot espresso milk stout, served on nitro. How the heck can I say no to that? Look at this beer!

For the most part, this beer delivers an it’s name and looks; espresso and milk flavors all the way down, and the nitro pour means that it’s very, very smooth. As the Split Shot warms up, a boost of caramel comes into the nose The finish roughs it up though, bringing a slightly acrid note. It’s faint and it doesn’t spoil the beer, but it does mar the overall experience.

It’s the only quality that does however.

Making and keeping friends as an adult is challenging. It takes a concerted effort to spend time with people, keep spending time with them, and trying to accept them as they change. Having six people who were willing to set aside time from their lives to come and see a summer blockbuster with me feels really nice. Like maybe I’m doing something better than I used to be.

We laugh a lot in the time before the movie and once there, found ourselves enthralled with the conclusion to one of the epic stories of our era. We even get a little time to talk about it after the movie…but honestly I think we were all a little overwhelmed. I certainly was! It’s not easy to take in the final chapter like that all at once.

But it wouldn’t have been the same without them, and after having more misses than hits on this theme, it is very nice to be out with friends and having a beer.

Today’s second pint goes to the Sisters of the Road cafe.

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