Common Ales: Sierra Nevada Resilience

Sierra Nevada ResilienceI bought this beer for a couple different reasons, not the least of which was for research. This year is the year that I make IPAs as my style of choice and try to build a beer I enjoy.

I love the nose on this; faintly weedy, skunky, a little pine, it evokes almost exactly what I’m hoping for from IPAs.

What really is nice is the balance; there is a soft but still palatable malt sweetness there that helps pave the way for the bitterness on the finish. The bitterness doesn’t slouch away either; this isn’t a juicebox IPA. This is 90’s era IPA, just before they started over hopping everything to hell in styles that didn’t want or need it.
But when an IPA really was a standout from the pack and a lot of forest notes were being brought into the spotlight.
And while I certainly don’t want to be a cranky, ‘back in my day’ human, I do appreciate this beer for standing out from the current trends of sweet grapefruit ales. More please.

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