Whatever You Say 55\Second Pint Spread the Vote

At the end of a long Friday, I saunter into Bailey’s, hoping it closes at midnight not eleven, so I can settle down before going home. I’m in luck and I’ve got time to spare!

I get my input from a man on the rail: “The #7 on nitro. It’s pretty good.”

Gigantic/Bailey's hausbier stoutHe’s not wrong; the Gigantic/Bailey’s Woodblock Chocolate stout is pretty smooth and the chocolate really comes through. The chocolate is strong enough that I’m almost expecting the viscosity of milk to come out. That the beer is thin isn’t an objection that I can really raise to it; it’s tasty!

The gent next to me has to get up early tomorrow so he doffs a pink ski hat and heads out. I’m left with an easy beer to drink and what is one of the more low key nights I’ve had in awhile. Which is good! The last week of February decided to keep me hopping. Now that I can breathe, I’m glad to take the change to do so.

I have one more ale in me; tomorrow is also a big day, since I’ll be volunteering at the SheBrew event. I can’t stay out late but it’s a nice day. Let’s treat ourselves.

I give Widmer’s Green Skies, a hazy triple IPA, a shot.

It’s delicious. I’m starting to think that maybe double or triple IPAs are what the hazy style is for. The sugar and mouthfeel help give the beer a density that softens the impact of the higher ABV. Widmer did good on this.

With Bridgeport’s closure, I’m becoming more cognizant that the known brands need some love too, because they are often making something pretty good.

And tasty stuff is what it’s all about.

Today’s second pint goes to Spread the Vote.

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