The Bye Week

Maletis distributing centerThis is the front office of Maletis Distributing on Swan Island. The photo is dark because I’m taking it just prior to 6am on Saturday.

Over the course of the next 48 hours, I will be part of a volunteer stewarding crew who will serve for the Oregon Beer Awards. We’ll serve just north of 1,100 beers to roughly 80 judges who will provide feedback on styles as common as lagers, as diverse as dessert beers. No, I didn’t know there was a dessert beer style until now, either.

There’s also a strict media blackout in effect this year, which is why I can’t tell you what I served, nor show you any pictures from inside, as I wasn’t allowed to take any. I’m OK with that but I did want to explain why my audience was looking at a building instead of a beer.

The experience is a great one: I love doing it but it wears me out. I just won’t have the physical endurance, nor the mental space to interact with another human.

So I’m taking a mulligan on today’s post and continue starting Wednesday.


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