The New Keg

This article on the new use of plastic kegs brings up complicated things for me.

On the upside, the beer lasts longer. That’s not something that I feel should be easily dismissed, alongside the benefits of reduced weight for easier shipping, and less fuel being used to get product to market.

The downside is that plastics just aren’t as renewable as metal is. While the company claims that these new kegs are recyclable, I can’t help but feel dubious.

Still, it’s a pretty interesting innovation and if the net benefit is positive, then that’s pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “The New Keg”

  1. Their validation of the fresh longer (gas exposure) is dubious if not flat out wrong, also if it only keeps the beer for 30 days that’s not an improvement.

    With that said, I was intrigued when I worked Beergasm 3 years ago, I was pouring a UK beer that used something like this.. spherical keg with a plastic liner (like bag in box soda) and the reasoning was to save weight for shipping and then in theory if it can be recycled here, than no shipping back empty kegs. I would think if it wasn’t being shipped, the liner should be removable so the whole system can be reused. As you reference with metal kegs, reusing is more efficient than recycling.

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