To close out my two weeks, here are some exceedingly brief reviews of the beers I consumed while DnDing* this afternoon:

Twa Dogs Parting Kiss Bourbon Barrel Ale: I must confess, I didn’t know much about Twa  Dogs before this tasting. It turns out that they are actually connected to a distillery, which produces whiskey, which explains why they have whiskey barrels to age their golden ale on. They do age the beer on Maker’s Mark as well; however, the label “bourbon barrel aged” seems a bit of a misnomer. (Unless it’s that they age the whiskey in Maker’s Mark barrels, which they then use to age this beer.)

This beer is charming. It’s boozy in the front end, with all of the flavors you’d expect of a barrel-aged ale (toffee, vanilla, and wood on the back end). It doesn’t feel as full-bodied as I might have hoped, but it was pleasant enough.

Ravens Mórrígan: Again, another brewery that I don’t know much about, and again a pleasant beer. It tastes like…stone fruits (I got hints of peach and apricot, but apparently there’s plums in there as well). The sourness is the merest hint of pucker, and doesn’t work against the soft sweetness of the fruits–think a splash of vinegar over a fruit salad.


Thank you for letting me share this space; it’s been fun! Your regularly scheduled programming will resume Monday.

*The important question: I’m a dwarf barbarian/druid. So…definitely against type.

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