What’s In My Fridge? (A Two-Part Series). Part 2: Mistakes Were Made

Last time I posted about the beers in my fridge, I noted that sometimes, the beers accumulate. I had laid the blame at the feet of Mr. Fuz, who buys too many beers that he won’t open on his own.

I have my issues as well. I hold on to beers and wines, waiting for the right moment to strike before I open them. I want the occasion to match the beverage. As a consequence, I’ve occasionally held onto things too long. In this case, perhaps almost a decade too long?

Yes. That is a 2008 Deschutes The Abyss.


And, when I opened it, I had hopes! There was no crud around the cap! The bottle smelled like the Abyss–at least, what I remember of the Abyss. There was a nice pour–the head was a little thin, sure, but not bad for a decade old. And there was even carbonation in the glass. O frabjous day!

And then I had a sip. And…


It’s not bad.

The nose is wine and leather, but…exhausted–the dregs of the barrel, the worn and muddy wineskin. Some of the flavors come through as expected–black liquorice and brown sugar are present. It still is rich, but it has too many idiosyncrasies to put up with: stale cardboard here, a muted flavor there, and a random off-note or two that disagreed with me when they popped up.  I’m surprised this beer did as well as it did, given its age and some of the storage conditions, but I’m still not going to soldier through. Fortunately for me, I’ve already looked up some plans for beer beyond its date.

I wish I could say that was the only venerable Abyss in my fridge. But, dear readers, I’d be lying to you.


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