Sick Day Content

I was planning on writing about beers I could find in my small-town liquor store in Western Canada, beers that aren’t readily available in the States.

But I’m under the weather, and so I shouldn’t be drinking at all–and, to be honest, I don’t know that I can give you an honest take on beers right now, what with my nose and throat feeling both stuffed and sore. “This beer has a faint aroma redolent of orange juice and vegetarian “chik’n” soup, and possesses a rich mucus mouthfeel, ” are not tasting notes I want to deliver.

So, in lieu of actual content, let me point you to the newspaper of record in the home town of both myself and your regular host. I saw on Facebook that they’re reporting on a website which states that our hometown is one of the most overlooked craft beer cities in the US.

I am happy for my hometown, and have become more pleased over the years to drink the beer there on my visits back. I’m also sad for the Internet, as it is now deceased. I welcome instead the birth of the Metanet, in which there is no original content, merely a vicious recycling and endless regurgitation.

Ahem. Poor choice of words for a sick day.

But really, you should check out the list. Number 3 will surprise you!

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