Whatever You Say 42/Second Pint STV

Stoup citra ale

When I ask the man in a blue T with a Seahawks logo on it what he’s drinking, he starts to give me recommendations: “You know, I really liked the number 5, and…”
I wait and then ask again: “But what are you drinking now,”  and he apologizes.
“Oh! Well I’m having the #3 and,” he pauses dramatically, takes a sip of a nearly full glass, “you know, it’s pretty good.”

The #3 is the Stoup Citra ale and Stoup is a new brewery to me! So this is an exciting moment.

The hop nose is softly lemon and a little grassy. It wouldn’t surprise me if this beer was a fresh hop ale, given the way the nose works; not too strong, a bit more green.

I sip on it and the flavors buttress my opinion. I can’t say for certain it’s a fresh hop ale, but between the sweetness and the lemon drop finish that isn’t too harsh, it’s possible. There’s a stronger finish there that I would expect, though and it’s little dry, too. Maybe they used some regular hops in the boil to push the bitterness a little? It wouldn’t surprise me. Either way: I like this beer.

He asks if I’m visiting, I tell him I live here. I ask the same. And he says, ‘little of both; just trying to stay out of trouble.’ I extend my hand and he does the same.

Today’s second pint goes to Spread The Vote. In Oregon, the deadline to register is the 16th, so please don’t forget to participate!

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