Throwing Money At The Problem

Carlsberg has replaced the plastic rings that keep cans together with glue. Which is both really neat and the kind of problem that a large brewery could just throw money at to solve, as I mentioned in last week’s post.

But it’s a cool way to solve that pollution problem and as cans become more and more prominent as a vehicle to deliver beer, this is a clever way to solve the problem. Props were due: this is a good thing and we need more of these kinds of good things.

2 thoughts on “Throwing Money At The Problem”

  1. I’ll be interested to see how this goes. Kinda reminds me of the way yogurt cups are glued down to the little cardboard flats. Most stores pull them off to stock them on the shelves, but Winco just throws the whole flat up there and you have to do it yourself. Usually a quick twist and it pops right off.

    1. Should be interesting; I certainly can’t think of any downside to this-but I also don’t stock the shelves and there might be something I don’t know.

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