Whatever You Say 41\Second Pint SBP

I had such a nice time at the Beer Bunker last week, I thought I’d come back. Also, it’s on my way to a party and I need to pick up some beer, so I can kill two birds with one stone.

I gently interrupt a patron watching the Timbers game to ask what she’s drinking. She distractedly fingers a small bowl of popcorn as she tells me.

44271549255_b3719b83fc_cIt’s the Hunter of Shadows, a Cascadian Dark Ale by Montavilla Brewing. While I like most of Montavilla’s offerings, this one is a no for me. Chocolate and pine just don’t blend and I’m not sure why people keep doing that. Clearly someone loves this flavor pairing though.

While I’m pondering this beer, the woman I’d asked has a conversation with the bartender; apparently the barkeep’s mom brought in a large bag of popcorn and soon a discussion about how to make great popcorn is under way. According to the barkeeper, you use the bacon splatter guard for that, and use coconut oil (cannabis infused if you’re into that) to make your popcorn.

“We bake our bacon now, right?” The bartender says. “So use the splatter guard for what it helps: popcorn.”

The pub explodes as the Timbers break a 1-1 tie, 70 minutes into the game. I’m startled at the noise-I forgot what a big deal the Timbers are here. Unless you are in the presence of sports fans, it’s easy to forget how intense they can be. It doesn’t take long for things to get back to their standard susurration, though. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say they weren’t watching the game at all, they seem so engaged with each other.

Then the Timbers score again and I realize it’s only me who isn’t paying attention.

Today’s second pint goes to SBP, funding relief efforts from hurricane Florence.

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